Business Club

Business Club

Our Club & Objectives

  • First official Beach Club of Belgium for ladies & gents
  • Pro-teams with experience & young high potentials 
  • National & international recognition
  • High quality coaching of the teams & players for development and synergies

Our Partners >>

Ambitions & Vision

  • A triple WIN between Sport & Business & Friendship
  • Empower the environment to support national and international achievements

Become a Partner >>

  • Ambassador of a growing team sport towards an Olympic Discipline
  • Many occasions to expand your business, friendship connections
  • Opportunities to connect and be close with people

Expected visibility & audience 

  • Up to an audience of 200.000 only in the Belgian Championship
  • 10 locations of 2 days Belgian Championship season with exclusive VIP accommodation
  • At least 4BRU CAP BEACH teams are ready for season 2019
  • Media attractiveness and large coverage
  • Growing national & international interest since 2012

Your partner package 

  • Join your & our ambitions to cover the basic logistic sports costs
  • Develop your opportunities based on your business requirements
  • Support your teams to meet the highest scorecard 
  • Contact us for more info and possibilities

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